Did you suffer the pain like Chinese which the government blocked PicasaWeb within the country? Now you can try our new function: Picasa Web Proxy, which would help your transfer your photos to another site.
如果很不幸你生活在中国,忍受着PicasaWebGFW和谐的痛苦,同时懊恼着自己大量精美的图片从此无法看到。现在我们提供了一个新的功能:Picasa Web Proxy,帮助您快速将图片转移出来。

1.Sign in

Just Sign In with your Google Account. For the safety of your account information, please check this document.

And if you already signed in successful, go to next step.


As the policy of Google Data service, you need to Authorize our tool to access your Picasa Web data.

Take it easy, we wouldn't touch any photos in your Picasa Web Albums

3.Get links

Once you authorized our tool, we will list all the albums in your Picasa Web, and you can select any album to get all the image link codes in Html format or any format with your customized template

Access without login

You can input Picasa Web Album username here to access all the specified user's public albums without sign in.

Or input the PicasaWeb album URL address directly, you can get all its photos' link codes, even it's not public or your owned album.(Make sure the url is correct and accessible)

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